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Below are just some of the feedback from our customers. Your feedback allows us to understand what we do well and what improvements we need to implement.

Rokaiya Boodi
Excellent service and very well organised. Flight express were very thorough and ensured we were prepped for the hajj days.
Mohamed Dana
ASA. Glad to say we really enjoyed our Hajj with Flight Express, which was made even better by Mohamed and his staff who made sure we were all looked after well throughout our entire trip. As always will be highly recommended InshaAllah.
Tahera Bapu
excellent service infact the staff went out of their way! Would definitely use again and recommend too
Mohammad Sohail Malik
Very well looked after during hajj. Dedicated and friendly staff.
Salim Natha
I performed a very enjoyable hajj with my whole family Mohammad Bhai has a very well organised and dedicated team who went the extra mile and looked after the needs of each and ever group member very well. I would recommend Flight express for anyone considering performing hajj

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